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Across an average hospital, clinical staff perform thousands of clinical tasks every day. Hundreds of staff, spread over the hospital. Day shift and night shift.

Tracking work on paper and communicating tasks using pagers is still common. Common but not efficient or robust.

Without correct tracking, prioritisation is difficult. As is oversight. Data to plan future shifts based on real activity isn't there.

It leads to missed opportunities to intervene in deteriorating patients. New admissions aren't processed quickly.

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When the team at Imperial College approached us they wanted to address patient handover. Passing information about patients from day to night staff.

  • The lack of a clear audit trail
  • Loss of sensitive information
  • Limited information transfer
  • Unclear priorities
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Observing and identifying issues

We observed teams working on the wards. It became clear the root cause was task management. Having no central way to track tasks for patients meant

  • no way to prioritise
  • no way to see who has been waiting and for how long
  • no way to know what has happened to the patient you are taking over responsibility for

With tasks tracked planning gets simpler too. Busy times. Most common tasks. The operational and clinical view of the hospital is transparent for all.

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From idea to built product in 6 months

Smart phones are everywhere in hospitals. Every nurse and doctor has one. Add that together with a distributed team who are always on the move and a mobile app is the obvious choice.

We created a first working version ready for user testing in 6 months - from idea to built product

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37% faster than the existing approach

Under pilot conditions the app improved information transfer in 22 of 24 cases. Response times were also 37% faster than a pager. A significant improvement.

The app was acquired by Google Deepmind to become part of their Streams offer.

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