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Creating apps that reshape how we harness health data to improve outcomes

At Evident, we don't just offer services; we bring decades of collective experience to the table.

By leveraging our team's depth of knowledge and insight, we ensure your digital healthcare project not only launches but soars to success.

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Create your organisations future

Understand how to imagine, design, and deliver your future business and you will create a sustainable competitive advantage.

We'll give you the tools and approaches to not only get started but to keep momentum.

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Build a deep understanding of your customers

Understanding your customers. Their circumstances, their goals, their preferences, their expectations, their environment. This deep empathy will create a lasting shift in the way you engage.

Let us put you inside the mind of your customer.

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Understand customer needs

Understanding your customers is the key to providing a good service. We help you define user needs to create better, faster and simpler experiences.

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Improve operational efficiency

Operational efficiency strategy is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage.. We help you reduce waste and optimizing asset performance to drive operational performance

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Get value from data

Data is the life blood of modern organisations. We help you harness data across your organisation and unlock insights to drive growth and reduce cost

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Build enterprise and mobile apps

The right technology solutions improve your customers and employees lives. We build integrated web and mobile applications to increase value throughout your organisation

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Design solutions

Translating an understanding of your problem space and customer needs into results is a complex challenge. We help you design and cost technology solutions that really deliver

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Define vision and strategy

Your vision and strategy define who you aspire to be and how you are going to get there. We help you elicit a clear definition of each to align your efforts behind.

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Work in the Cloud

Speed, scalability and a rich network of ready-to-go services are just some of the benefits to moving to the cloud. We help you take advantage of all it has to offer.

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Adopt Agile

Agile improves speed to market and the ability to adapt to changing user needs. We help you harness the right flavour of agile for your organisation.

Case studies

Pragma Pulse Apple Watch and App Screens

Transforming ESG to Achieve Sustainable Growth

How We Helped Unlock the Power of Data Insights with Pragma

SPS Logo
SPS homepage

Transforming NHS Speciality Pharmacy Services

How we turned the NHS pharmacy advisory department into a digital-first organisation

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Hark App Tasks Screen

Hark - Clinical Task Management

How Evident Studio increased clinical response time by 37% and improved data transfer efficiency in 91.6% of cases within 6 months.

Mykrobe Atlas Logo

Fighting Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis with Mykrobe Atlas

Turning the tide in Tuberculosis. Using whole-genome sequencing and mutation analysis to identify drug resistance at the point of care

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Vision coach app home screen

Preventing sight loss from Diabetic Macular Edema

Improving patient adherence using Digital app

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