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How We Helped Unlock the Power of Data Insights with Pragma

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Pragma Consulting works with retail, workplace, and transport operators and investors. They provide professional advice at every stage of the asset’s life.

Pragma envisages a different future in commercial property. One where economic prosperity, social well-being, and sustainable development are equal.

But to make this model a reality, there have to be robust models and technological support.

That's why when Pragma was ready to bring its vision to life, the company approached us for help.

But as with all new thinking, robust models and technology support don't exist yet.

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User Research

Creating a technology platform is a lofty goal. One that is a marriage between technology, user needs, and business goals.

We needed to understand Pragma's users and identify what they needed.

We explored their daily routines. Gaining insight into their decisions and the actions they take.

This helped us design a mental model and system that works for everyone.

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Our research identified key challenges

How to

  • compare one asset's performance to another
  • identify opportunities for Pragma's client
  • provide guidance without needing one-to-one contact with experts
  • create a model that is adaptable as the landscape changes
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... and Solutions

To address these challenges we created a scoring system. The Pulse Score. A model that makes data easy to understand. Simple individual characteristics that when combined become powerful.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each important metric. Categorised into our three pillars. This allows users to understand balance.

A single number for each KPI with a visual equal This allows users to scan and compare.

Aggregated using a hierarchy. So one can see data analytics from the portfolio of assets down to individual retailers. This allows users to narrow down to good and bad metrics.

Weightings on metrics to allow for change and flexibility

And finally, guidance driven by scores and benchmarks. Pragma's expertise embedded into the platform.

Pragma Pulse Apple Watch Screens

The technology

The platform runs on cloud infrastructure. Hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Data pipelines transform data from source systems ready for the user interface. Accessed via a flexible GraphQL API.

The user interface is a composable set of components. Lego bricks if you will. So as needs change the interface can adapt.

Pragma Pulse Property Screen


Building for the future is no small task.

We understand that value only comes when ideas result in action. With our help, Pragma has been able to:

  • Generate strategic insights that identify trends
  • Create a data-driven approach to sustainability.
  • Track performance in real-time, allowing for proactive decision-making.

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Pragma’s clients are already engaged with this future vision.

If you have a project you need help bringing to life, don’t hesitate to get in touch- we’re here to help!

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