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Pragma Consulting are a strategic advisor for operators and investors in mixed-use, travel and retail property.

They support clients across the entire asset lifecycle. Strategy and planning all the way through to digital and commercial due diligence.

Pragma have recognised that the future in commercial property is one where economic prosperity, social wellbeing and sustainable development are all considered on an equal footing.

One where if clients focus equally on all three elements, the result is long-term sustainability for their investment, the communities it supports and the environment.

But as with all new thinking, robust models and technology support don't exist yet.

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Building from a vision

Pragma had a vision of what they wanted to create.

But they didn't have the deep user experience and data expertise needed to bring it to life.

That's where we came in. We're used to this kind of problem ... working from an idea to build real working software.

What did we do ... ?

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Discovering what matters

To really understand our users, we ran a number of discovery sessions.

We worked from role to role. What they do, where and how they do it? What decisions they make and what actions they take?

Without that empathy for each user, we can't make a system that really works.

But with it, we could

A model designed

We designed a solution around the primary concerns of Pragma's clients and Pragma themselves.

  • How to benchmark Clients and create a performance baseline - we created a hierarchical, weighted scoring model - the Pulse Score
  • How to quickly identify challenges and opportunities - we made our scoring system hierarchical. From a portfolio of assets, to a single asset, to retailer within an asset. Layers in the model and layers in the interface
  • How to put Pragma's depth of experience into the hands of clients - we created behavioural nudges for each key metric, Pragmas guidance right there. In the app. All the time.
  • How to create a model that is adaptable as the landscape changes - we designed a composable set of visualisations. Lego bricks in a user interface. Allowing dashboards to be built for any situation
Pragma Pulse Shopping Centre Floorplan Screen
Pragma Pulse Apple Watch Screens

Building for the future

Value doesn't come in the form of ideas. It comes in the execution of ideas.

Something we're acutely aware of.

So it was critical we got the build right.

We built the application in clean layers.

Zoned data at the core, deployed to Cloud infrastructure on Azure.

Data pipelines as the foundation above. Simple transformational steps that could be built and tested in isolation. Then configured for use in a pipeline.

Data modeled around identified KPIs. Each KPI scored. KPIs grouped by category and scored. Categories grouped by property and scored. Then finally properties in a portfolio.

Every layer created a snapshot of data made available by a GraphQL API.

Lastly a composable interface. Our lego bricks. Built up into the interface you see in the screens above

Pragma Pulse Property Screen


The MVP is already bringing results.

It paints a vision of the future that Pragma's clients engage with.

If you have an early stage idea that you want to bring to life. Don't hesitate to get in touch.

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