Shallow research results in shallow results

And yet 99% of brands only ever scratch the surface with their user research, and then wonder why their products don’t sell well.

What’s the solution to generate deeper understanding and better results?

Keeping an ear out for phrases that prompt a deep dive

Here are my top 10 to listen out for …

  1. "It's always been frustrating..."

↳ Delve into what specifically causes the frustration. There might be latent needs and pain points to uncover.

  1. "We spend a lot on..."

↳ Costs can be financial, time-based, or resources. What's the perceived value, and are there inefficiencies?

  1. "This part actually works pretty well for us..."

↳ Identify what's going right. Why does it work, and can it be applied elsewhere?

  1. "We do this manually because..."

↳ Manual processes often hide opportunities for automation or optimisation. What's holding them back?

  1. "We had an incident where..."

↳ Incidents can expose critical vulnerabilities or shortcomings. Understanding their cause can prevent them from happening again in the future.

  1. "We've tried X before, but..."

↳ Past attempts at solutions can offer a wealth of learning. What worked, what didn't, and why?

  1. "I wish it could..."

↳ Whenever someone talks about their wishes, they're giving you direct insight into their needs.

  1. "It's a bit different for us because..."

↳ Unique scenarios or workflows can reveal niche problems (and solutions).

  1. "Most of the time, we..."

↳ Regular habits or workflows can uncover core practices and potentially latent inefficiencies.

  1. "Our biggest challenge has been..."

↳ Challenges are direct calls to action. Understanding them can pave the way for impactful changes.

👂 When you hear these phrases, lean in and ask more. Behind each one is a potential goldmine of user insights.

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