The secret to better user interviews? .. Pre-research

(it’ll save you from poor engagement, low sign-ups, and wasted dev time)

But what does that mean?

Learn a common language

↳ So you can speak the language your users understand

  • Acronyms
  • Organisations
  • Technical terms

Understand the environment

↳ So you know how your solution will naturally embed without friction

  • What are the regulations?
  • Are there reports to produce?
  • How is work organised and governed?

Understand common processes

↳ So you can attach any new knowledge to a mental framework

  • What are the key steps?
  • What decisions are made and actions taken?
  • What information passes from person to person?

Understand typical problems and challenges

↳ So you can take the conversation to a much deeper level

  • What are key challenges users face?
  • What is the impact in terms of cost and time?
  • What are the workarounds the teams use to get by?

Your user interview outcomes stand and fall on your research.

Invest research time upfront and you’ll reap the rewards during user interviews

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