Use KPIs to focus your user research

A simple approach I’ve found that’s saved my clients hundreds of thousands in wasted development fees…

What happens when you don’t?

  • Increased costs from misguided focus areas ❌
  • Distracted objectives, losing sight of primary goals ❌
  • Missed opportunities to align research with business outcomes ❌

But when you do …

  • You target the most impactful user pain points ✅
  • Ensure efficient use of resources, saving both time and money ✅
  • Listen out for KPIs during user research ✅

Thats why you

  • Unpack each KPI during interviews 💬
  • Gather quantifiable data - money, time, volume 🔢
  • Hold them in mind during design and implementation 🧠

Don’t let the KPIs pass you by!

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