Preventing sight loss from Diabetic Macular Edema

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DME is the top cause of blindness among people living with diabetes. In 2010, it affected an estimated 21 million people globally. This number will grow as diabetes becomes more common.

Anti-VEGF treatment is the go-to standard of care for most individuals with DME. This therapy usually involves injections of anti-VEGF medication into the eye.

Bayer is a global leader in the pharmaceutical field. It has taken steps to expand its influence and support beyond traditional therapy.

They made patient adherence and provider capacity their primary focus. As a result, they are paving the way for innovative digital services.

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The Dilemma of DME Management

Effective DME management requires more than choosing the right treatment. Patients need access to care, therapies, and information. They need education about their condition and how to manage it. They also need help to set achievable goals- both clinical and lifestyle-orientated.

Ophthalmologists, meanwhile, face capacity constraints, short appointment times, and clunky software.

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Due to non-adherence, many patients on anti-VEGF therapies don't reach their potential outcomes. Improving self-management and results requires education and provider capacity.

Research shows that behavioural interventions can help with the primary prevention of DME. Care providers need easier access to financial capital and technology. This could reduce the strain on them.

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Developing User-Centric Software Solutions

After recognizing key problems, we partnered with Bayer to create Vision Coach. This innovative program provides solutions for clinicians and patients in the DME community. It consists of three components.

The patient mobile app provides quick access to sight score data. It also helps patients set meaningful goals for health-promoting behaviours. Education materials help empower patients to take charge of their DME. The platform accessibility tools ensure ease of use for people with visual impairments.

The clinician app helps clinicians manage patients and appointments. They can also create treatment plans and record patient encounters. One can change sight scores when needed.

Clinicians also have an overview of patient activity between appointments. The patient education site has information about patients' journeys. All from becoming aware of their condition to getting treatment. It is easy to use and works with the mobile app's workflows. This makes it easier for you to manage DME.

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Ensuring a Secure, Reliable Infrastructure

Vision Coach apps guarantee a seamless experience for users. It leverages container infrastructure deployed across many global AWS regions. The HL7 FHIR standard powers storage to ensure secure data exchange and interoperability. Our comprehensive compliance program provides confidentiality, integrity & availability—all certified against ISO27001 standards!

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The Results

Our Vision Coach journey with Bayer was an incredible success! We were in sync with each other from the planning stages to shipping our first final product. We took what we had learned and continued building its future roadmap.

We introduced key features such as diabetes-related support and legacy system integrations. We delivered more value driven by user feedback.

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