Would you look for your keys in the fridge?

I might .. but of course, you clever people wouldn’t

The thing is, a lot of healthcare brands do exactly this.

They look for information about their target users and problem space in places they’ll never find it

The result?

Being unprepared for the user calls and design work that follows .. and ultimately a solution the ideal user doesn’t want to use.

Thankfully, there is a wealth of wonderful sources of good research material available if you just know where to look

Here’s a quick list of excellent sources I’ve found that’ll prime you for success (... and save you days in lost research)

  • Metrics and search terms
  • Day in the life videos or podcasts
  • Background research from clients
  • Reviews on related Amazon books
  • Case studies and reviews of competing products
  • Articles, interviews and perspectives from the environment

Knowing where to start is half the battle

P.S. What is your secret source? (See what I did there 👀). Let us know on LinkedIn

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